Reanimation - 森洋史個展

May 16, 2016





会 場:阿久津画廊





日 時:2016年 6月4日(土)-12日(日)
    AM10:00-PM6:30  ※6日(月)休廊




この度、当画廊では国内外で活躍中の森洋史(もり ひろし)による個展を開催いたします。



この数年間のリミックススタイルの変化について、作風が変わったと捉えられる方もいますが、実は根底にあるスタイルについて、一貫し続けています。今個展では、Reanimation(再生や蘇生)と題したように、「伝統と現代」のリミックス、あるいはパロディ化した古今東西のあらゆる折衷文化、現代社会における時事ネタなどを皮肉ったり、面白くも可笑しく背景に織り交ぜたりなど、アイロニーいっぱいに名画を蘇らせた森の作品世界をご覧いただきます。旧作から最新作までの作品約 20 点を展示いたしますので、作品変遷も含めてご覧いただきたいと存じます。





Reanimation - Hiroshi Mori Solo Exhibition


II’m excited to announce my first solo exhibition at Akutsu Gallery where I will be showcasing about 30 of my art works, they are from year 2009 to my most recent works. I would be happy if you can come to my solo exhibit, I hope you can join us.



            3-44-1, MINAMI-CHO, MAEBASHI, GUNMA, JAPAN, 371-0805




Date : 4 June 2016 (Sat.) - 12 June 2016 (Sun.)

            AM10:00-PM6:30  ※6(Mon.)Close

            ※The artist will be at the gallery:4(Sat.)・5(Sun.)・11(Sat.)・12(Sun.)


The following is the press release of the Akutsu Gallery.


We are more than delighted to present to you Hiroshi Mori’s solo exhibition.

Mori’s works are mainly focused on the mixing of modern culture and classical fine

arts using the techniques of sampling and parody. His take on the two revolves around

the gap between the coterie culture of Japanese animation and manga, and the

absolute authority that coils around Japan’s traditional art and classic religious

paintings. By linking the contexts of the two worlds together, he aims to express the

characteristics of the modern epoch.

He often portrays the integration of foreign objects, such as the inserting Mt. Fuji, a

signature symbol of the Oriental, or even a gas mask, into the setting of Western

classical painting. One can also see animals, insects and plants in his religious

painting series. The awkward, mischievous sense of humor and irony can be seen as

his sarcasm towards the modern society.

Though many might noticed the obvious change of his creative style in recent years,

the base is in fact consistent. In this exhibition, as its title Reanimation (Reborn and

Revival) suggests, we are able to witness the unique view of Mori towards the world.

It is a remix of tradition and modern, a periodic interpretation of the hybrid culture of

globalization, and the bizarreness of current events going on around the world. We

will be exhibiting thirty pieces of Mori’s new and old works as a record of his

creative journey.

In recent years, Mori has exhibited in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and other

countries. His unique Japanese style of remixing animation has won great reviews

upon international collectors. The never-been- seen techniques and expressions opened

up new possibilities and insights of the art of expressing. We sincerely hope that you

will enjoy the humorous, ironic, sometimes chaotic world of Hiroshi Mori.





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